CanDoc chat for the week of November 12, 2012

The chat this week has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, for a very special reason. Wednesday is World Diabetes Day!! *insert happy dance music here*

The CanDoc have teamed up with Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (#DSMA) and many other people world-wide to join the twitter chat on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. For the updated list in case ours has not been updated, click here.

There are a mired of very interesting topics and I am so happy that Cherise came up with this idea. She is amazing!

Alanna, our very own moderator for the CanDoc and blogger at Life on T1, is hosting at 7-8pm EST slot right before the regular #DSMA chat time slot.

Chat Time (EST) Twitter Handle Topic
6:00 am-  7:00 am @OzDOC Hopes of WDD 2013
7 – 8 @BadShoe Crossing Borders
8 – 9 @rockyourd Diets and Diabetes
9 – 10 Open Open (interested in hosting? email
10 – 11 @diabetemine Communities online know no boundaries: How the international growth of the DOC has changed us as PWDs and advocates…
11 – Noon @colcalli Blame Diabetes. Credit Diabetes.
Noon – 1 @ConnectInMotion Connecting with diabetes
1 – 2 @gingervieira Emotional Eating with Diabetes
2 – 3 @diabetesdh Big Blue Test: Helping Yourself and Others
3 – 4 @diabetesdaily Lessons on changing behavior from research and first-hand experiences in communities
4 – 5 @theGBDOC Why diabetes doesn’t stop us: Inspirational Stories from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)
5 – 6 @dulce_guerrero Why it is important to celebrate World Diabetes Day….
6 – 7 @saraknic What we can do for those in need around the world with diabetes when it isn’t November.
7 – 8 @YCDTProject Diabetes History
8 – 9 @theCanDOC Creating a “teachable moment”:educating others about diabetes
9 – 10 @DiabetesSocMed Last year. This year. What’s Next?

I will be tweeting live on location all day as I am out around the city handing out information with my local JDRF and CDA offices.  Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Since it is a very special day, please wear blue.

Remember to use the hash tag #WDDchat12 when tweeting all day.

Be sure to follow the @thecandoc on Twitter and its mods too (@NitaCure4T1D, @AlannaSwartz@bestiesbetes).


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