CanDoc chat for the week of November 19, 2012

Hey, Hey, Hey, this week’s topic is the Holi-D-ays!

We are trying something different this week.  We are posting the questions a few days prior to the chat both on here and on our new Facebook page.  If you haven’t been to ‘Like’ us, I suggest you do so.

The winter holiday season is fast approaching and we all know that there is that one particular piece of food that we can’t miss each year.  Mine is pumpkin pie.  There are fights over the pies my mother makes between myself and Ryan. Now Marcus loves the stuff minus the whipped cream and crust.

Here are the questions (in no particular order).

Q1. What is the ONE dish/dessert that you can’t live without during the holiday season?

Q2. If you are going to a friends/family’s house for dinner, do you eat before or bring your own plate to make sure you don’t eat too many yummy things?

Q3. How do you deal with the Diabetes Police during the holi-d-ays? *Diabetes Police being anyone who watches what you eat and asks the dreaded question, ‘Are you sure you should be eating that?’ or anything along those lines.*

Q4. What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?

There are only a guideline, the questions may change during the chat depending on which way the chat is headed.

Join the twitter chat:

Monday, November 19, 2012

8-9 pm EST

You can join in via Twitter or in the TweetChat room here.

Be sure to follow the @thecandoc on Twitter and its mods too (@NitaCure4T1D, @AlannaSwartz@bestiesbetes). Oh, and our new Facebook page. 🙂


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