#candoc Tweetchat: Monday February 4 2013

Winter has arrived! At least is some parts of the country. And with it comes a multitude of health issues. This week we want to talk about Winter Blues and how it affects your routine, your BGs, and what you can do and are doing to stay on track.

Here are this weeks questions.

Q1. Do you notice any effects on your diabetes from Winter blues or S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

Q2. Does your routine change? Tracking your BGs? Outdoor activities? Carb counting?

Q3. Do you rely on friends and family to help with the Winter blues?

Q4. How do you combat the Winter blues? Any tips to keeping out of the slump?

Last but not least: #bgbingo – Just cause we can!

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Monday February 4 2013
8-9 pm EST

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