#candoc Tweetchat for Monday, February 18

This Monday’s #candoc tweetchat theme will be all-things Mental Health related. Sara will be hosting the chat at 8pm EST.

In keeping with the Bell Canada Let’s Talk campaign to raise awareness about depression and other mental health issues, I have borrowed questions from a DSMA chat last May.

Q1-Do you know anyone who has experience with diabetes and depression?  What are the sign and symptoms?

Q2-How do you cope once you recognize the signs/symptoms (in yourself and others)? What kind of support was most helpful? HCP? Peers?

Q3-What resources would your ecommend for people with diabetes and depression? List your favourites and why they have worked.

Q4-What can we do for each other when we see the signs/symptoms in our loved ones or peers? What would you want someone to do for you?.

Last but not least: #bgbingo – Just cause we can!

Join the twitter chat:
Monday February 18 2013
8-9 pm EST

You can join in via Twitter or in the Tweetchat here.

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One thought on “#candoc Tweetchat for Monday, February 18

  1. Let’s Talk – Mental Health | nitacure.ca February 15, 2013 at 12:52 pm Reply

    […] in Monday February 18 at 8pm EST where I will be hosting the CanDoc chat on this […]

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