#CANDOC tweetchat Monday March 4

This Monday’s #candoc tweetchat theme will be Intelligence and Diabetes. Terri-Leigh will be hosting the chat at 8pm EST in place of Alanna who has prior commitments.

Q1. Do you think diabetes has made you smarter?

Q2. What is one way diabetes leaves you confused regularly?

Q3. Is there something you are an expert at now, that you would not be if you weren’t affected by diabetes?

Q4. If you could win a Nobel Prize in Diabetes, what topic would you be a winner for? (ie: carb counting, dosing, infusion sets, exercise etc)

Q5. Has diabetes changed your career/life path in any way?

Last but not least: #bgbingo – Just cause we can!

Join the twitter chat:
Monday, March 4, 2013
8-9 pm EST

You can join in via Twitter or in the Tweetchat here.

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Follow Can Doc on Twitter: @theCANDOC
Our chat Moderators: @NitaCure4T1D @AlannaSwartz and @terrileigh


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