About Us

Well, hello there!

We are, as you know, the CanDoc (the Canadian Diabetes Online Community).

The CanDoc is made of three Canadian gals with various types of diabetes experience. A mini bio of each of us follows.

Sara is the creator and mod of theCanDoc.  Her son, Marcus, has Type 1 Diabetes.  Her son was diagnosed September 18, 2011.  Sara devotes her spare time to advocating for people with Type 1 Diabetes though her blog, twitter and with her work in JDRF. You can read her blog at NitaCure and you can follow her on Twitter.

Alanna is a marketing and social media junkie. Coffee addict. Beer lover. Dog fan. Type one Diabetes advocate. Outdoors enthusiast. Not to mention a moderator for the candoc too.  You can read her blog Life on T1 and follow her on twitter here.

Jessica is a newly diagnosed T1D in July 2012 at the age of 29. She loves to run, swim, bike and workout at the gym.  In October 2013 she launched a new site called T1dactiveliving, focused on type 1 diabetes and exercise in Canada. Her goal is to promote physical activity amongst type 1’s and help support those diagnosed later in life. You can follow her on Twitter here.


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